Sue Howse




Enabling businesses and individuals to optimise their potential

With over 25 years of experience in business leadership, strategy design and execution, sales planning, talent strategy and talent management, the expertise in our consultancy services will enable you to optimise your business performance

Talent Optimisation

Talent means people and the right talent in an organisation has the potential to drive and accelerate business performance.  As a trusted authority in talent optimisation, we partner with organisations to understand their business strategy and requirements, working with them to support the development of talent strategies, models, plans and deliverables to align outcomes with their businesses’ strategic objectives.

Business Optimisation

The pathway to success for any business is having a clear, realistic and achievable business plan.  To achieve success a business also needs the ability to execute on these plans.   Engaging and working with us, drawing on experiences across various industry sectors and geographies, we will assist you to demystify the challenges often encountered when setting a business plan, building the right business structure as well as ensuring the right management and operational disciplines are in place.

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